Vassil Levski
1837 - 1873

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Vassil Levski
In the period 1868 - 1872 Levski had built the so called Internal revolutionary organization.   Levski had toured the Bulgarian towns and villages with tireless vigor and enthusiasm forming a network of revolutionary committees.  These committees had to equip  the men in their regions, usually peasants and craftsmen, with weapons, and train them to fight.
This illustration by Ivailo Ivanchev, though a bit childish ( from my son's history book), depicts plausibly the ritual of an acceptance of a new member in a revolutionary committee: 
     Over the Bible and crossed dagger and revolver, the man had to make a vow to work faithfully and even, if necessary, sacrifice his life for the sake of the grand cause -- the liberation of Bulgaria
committee Accepting a new member

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