Vassil Levski
Vassil Levski
1837 - 1873

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   The formal introduction for him is a " leader of the national revolutionary movement" against the Ottoman yoke.  For me he is the most unselfish, valorous, and fascinating person in the Bulgarian history.

     All Bulgarians have loved and love him unconditionally.  Though the doors of every Bulgarian house were open for him at all times, I think he was an utter loner.  He had no close friends, no family, no home, no personal life.  His only thought, his only love, his only passion was Bulgaria.  Steffan Dichev, a famous Bulgarian writer, created a wonderful novel, entitled For the Liberty,  devoted to Levski.  Half documentary, half fictional, the book tells about Levski's life -- full with exhaustive work organizing revolutionary committees, danger, and loneliness.  Levski, however, was happy with his total devotion.  It is a known fact that often  his joyful songs and beautiful voice echoed in the forests of the Bulgarian mountains  while he walked long distances from village to village.

     He was betrayed, tried, and hanged.
     Alas, grandeur  and  disgrace go hand in hand sadly often...

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